What an “Udderly” Fantastic Week!

Lots of great happenings lately, but this week the cows
really have it.

We’ll start with Miracle’s birthday. On July 7 she turned
one year old. You may remember this…
Jersey Cow and calf

But little Miracle has grown up, into this… (and yes, she’s sticking out her tongue, You know how kids can be 😉 )

Jersey Heifer

We also re-homed a lovely herd of 5 cows/steers. Their new owners adore them, particularly their daughter, Bailey.

Cows for adoption

And we really have to thank all of our supporters for their help in feeding these guys. We just completed a successful Hay Drive which will provide hay for our herd for the next 4 months. Without your support, we could not do what we do.

Donate Hay

We have other new farm friends as well

Introducing Truffles. He a is a delightful, neutered, male mini-lop. He is really loving his time with our other three does 😉 but would certainly welcome a forever home. (Truffles is the big guy, canoodling with Chubbs.)

Adopt a rabbit

We have also welcomed into our flock Henny & Penny, a pair of super-nice Rhode Island Red chickens


as well as Ginger a tough little Orpington with a darling disposition


And the babies…

Papita was first with her brood of 6. Yes, Papita again.  She is five years old and I think has raised at least 6 broods in her lifetime. She shouldn’t even be laying eggs, yet she sneaks off into the brush and emerges 20 days later with some of the toughest chicks I have ever seen. She is a beast of a mama hen.

Asian Game Hen and chicks

Of course, the goats have to introduce themselves…

Goats and Chickens

And, not to be outdone Blondie & Butternut co-mothered a batch of seven little puffballs.


Thank you so much for supporting our sanctuary
and helping us to help them.















Happy Birthday Moobee!

Our darling steer Moobee has turned three-years-old today. He came to us when he was just two-days-old. His mother had passed away due to labor complications and we gladly accepted the role of caregiver. His time here has taught us much about the awesomeness of cattle, in fact, we refer to him as a cow ambassador, as he has won over so many hearts.

May 2013
orphaned calf

May 2016
brangus steer

Other Farm News

Adoptions and Rehomings

We have been fortunate to receive some great animals in the past month. Some are permanent residents, others are looking for a forever home, but they are all welcome here and we are glad they found us.

thumper2 Introducing Thumper. Thumper is a Lionhead rabbit. He is litter trained, has a great personality and is available for adoption.
rabbit This is Caramel. She’s a beautiful mini-lop, raised with children and she is available for adoption.
min pig Meet Hemi (formerly Little George). When he found us he was a bit of a mess, he had mange and needed a place to stretch his legs, but despite his rough start he had a great disposition. He has been successfully rehomed to a wonderful family and is enjoying his new life.
pekin ducks Last but not least are two Pekins that are probably abandoned Easter ducks. They came from separate locations, but have fit into the flock nicely and will be permanent residents. We have named one Rosie but are looking for a name for the newest one, any suggestions are appreciated.

Congratulations Butternut!

We started this post with a birthday and we’ll end with a birth. Our hen Butternut had a nest hidden in the goat enclosure. She has hatched nine healthy chicks and has been moved to the brooding coop. Way to go Butternut!

Turken hen and chicks

Springtime on the Farm

Spring has hit the farm, with the last gasp of good weather the goats are frolicking, and baby birds have arrived.

A pair of wild ducks graced the pond with 27 ducklings,


and we welcomed into our sanctuary a young, very lovable rooster from Miami. His name is Larry and we are glad he made the journey.


Farm Updates

Valentino continues to improve. His eye swelling is gone and he is able to find food and water without assistance. He even has a flock of young hens who like to visit.

pullets and rooster

The boers, Alfred and Ginger seem very pleased to have a herd and now spend their mornings foraging.

goats foraging

The black bellied whistling ducks are starting to return in great numbers.

black bellied whistling ducks

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for your love and support we couldn’t do this without you.


A Busy Time on the Farm

We have had quite a lot going on these days, with new arrivals, baby goat cuteness and, of course, some cage building, our days have been very full. Let’s start with Valentino, our new family member,  a blind rooster from Miami.

Valentino the Roo

Blind Rooster rescue

Valentino was fortunate to be found by a kind soul in Miami. She could not keep him due to neighborhood regulations nor could she find anyone locally to take him. Luckily she found us and she found a wonderful animal transport group who was willing to bring him to us. He is doing fantastic! He is on meds and is able to find the food and water on his own. We’re working on designing a coop that will work for his special needs.

A New Home for Old Goats

Alfred & Ginger enjoying their new digs
Alfred & Ginger enjoying their new digs

We are just loving the recently added Alfred & Ginger. They have delightful personalities and are enjoying farm life, however, they don’t really like staying with the other small, younger goats. So Alfie & Ginger have a new enclosure where they can be near the other goats, but they have their own space. The amazing thing is, this enclosure was built entirely from donations! Thank you to everyone who has helped, we couldn’t do it without you.


Handsome Alfie
Handsome Alfie
Cutest underbites ever!
Cutest under bites ever!

Baby goat Cuteness

And of course, the kids. Not much cuter than baby goats. We have taken down the fences, neutered the father and the whole tornado goat family is living together in the goat equivalent of domestic harmony 🙂


Does and Kids
The does and the kids


Does and kids
Wilma, Kade Mae, Domino and Jo Jo


It’s not easy being a goat mother…


Again, thank you

None of this would be possible without all the caring people who help us help these animals. God bless.


Goats on the Ground

Our trio of tornado survivors welcomed their babies into the world this weekend. It started with Butter, who had one lovely baby girl that looks exactly like her. Not to be outdone, Wilma gave us twins, two little black goats, that look much like their father. Congratulations girls, Kade and Steve would be very proud of you.

GEDC0006 GEDC0034

Welcoming Ginger and Alfred to the Family

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Ginger and her son Alfred, two Boer goats from Fort Myers. They are greatly loved by their previous owners and, when they could no longer care for them due to health issues, they choose us as the new caretakers. It is great to see people putting the health of their animals before their own gratification. So many times we receive animals that have been abused through neglect or dumped off in inhospitable locations, all because their owners would not look for a better alternative. This is an example of true love and caring, although it hurt them to let go, by re-homing these goats their former owners gave them a chance at continuing to have a wonderful life.

Welcome home Ginger and Alfred.

GEDC0006b (1)

Tornado in Duette

goat-graphic2We lost some good neighbors this weekend.

Sunday morning Duette was hit by an EF-2 tornado with winds of about 125 mph. It destroyed our neighbor’s home, killed the residents Steve & Kade, and sent their son and four grandchildren to the hospital. Here’s a link the article.

They left behind many loved and well cared for farm animals and this is where we come in. We are helping to maintain the existing livestock on their property and have taken several goats into our home. In fact, two of the goats are pregnant, one about to birth any day now.  The other is a male (who will need to be neutered). We are so glad to have the opportunity to help these animals after such a traumatic experience and hope that Steve & Kade know that their animals will be well cared for.

Thank you, to all the people who have reached out to us and our rescue during this sad time. We are very grateful for your support and kind wishes.


2015 Wrap Up

It was a tremendously busy year at the farm. After the flood we regrouped and rebuilt. We have launched a website for our non-profit here: FloridaRescueFarm.org. Please take time to visit and see the other side of our homestead. In this capacity we have adopted some wonderful animals, photos below.

Introducing Ralph and Alice, found living by a dumpster.
Introducing Ralph and Alice, found living by a dumpster.


George and Bou, two of the four new poults
Our new adorable youngsters, George and Bou, two of the four new poults.


Batty & Billie, mother and daughter, a wonderful pair of rabbits.
Batty & Billie, mother and daughter, a wonderful pair of rabbits.

We are very happy to have these in our life, but lets not forget, the goats who came to us last year at this time, Jelly & Peanut…

Good Luck Dr. Hines – A Great Vet Trying to Protect Our Freedom of Speech and Information

Dr. Ron Hines is an amazing vet. Whenever I search online for advice regarding our animals I always end up at his website, www.2ndchance.info. After much unwarranted abuse at the hands of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners he is taking his case to the Supreme Court.

Check out the article here.

And Good Luck Dr. Hines!

Flood… Again

The chicken, duck and goose cages have been evacuated since mid-July due to high water


Fortunately the water stopped before it flooded the goat and cow shelters


It has been raining since June; the pond burst its banks in early July. Needless to say it has been a struggle to keep everyone healthy and alive and not always successfully. It has been 5 consecutive summers underwater. We were much better prepared this year than previous because we anticipated and moved many cages to high ground. Our shelters and animal village remained somewhat dry but muddy in spots. The chickens had to be moved to the porch in July and have been there ever since. We are hoping for some dry weather to get everyone back in place.

The ladies on the porch
*not to fear, the chickens with no feathers on their necks are Turkens, a special breed which never grows feathers on their neck area



We are milking Maybee twice a day, the calf takes the two front udders, and leaves the two back udders for us. The milk is outrageous. If you never had raw cow’s milk or its products (cheese, buttermilk, sour cream and butter) I highly recommend seeking it out.

Maybee and Miracle


Miracle has grown fast on her mamma’s milk. We know common knowledge is to separate the calf from its mother to optimize milk production, but we have no regrets. Miracle is an incredibly healthy, active and happy calf and I am so glad we could give Maybee the chance the raise her child naturally. It is amazing to see her take care for her calf. When Maybee arrived on our homestead we promised her she would live and die here and that her children would never be taken from her. Caring for these animals has given us an understanding and connection with the natural world we never would have experienced otherwise. We cannot put in words the well of understanding and knowledge these creatures have, which many people never see. Our lives have changed, our heart has changed, and our soul has been renewed because of them.

Miracle and Norman