Happy Birthday Moobee!

Our darling steer Moobee has turned three-years-old today. He came to us when he was just two-days-old. His mother had passed away due to labor complications and we gladly accepted the role of caregiver. His time here has taught us much about the awesomeness of cattle, in fact, we refer to him as a cow ambassador, as he has won over so many hearts.

May 2013
orphaned calf

May 2016
brangus steer

Other Farm News

Adoptions and Rehomings

We have been fortunate to receive some great animals in the past month. Some are permanent residents, others are looking for a forever home, but they are all welcome here and we are glad they found us.

thumper2 Introducing Thumper. Thumper is a Lionhead rabbit. He is litter trained, has a great personality and is available for adoption.
rabbit This is Caramel. She’s a beautiful mini-lop, raised with children and she is available for adoption.
min pig Meet Hemi (formerly Little George). When he found us he was a bit of a mess, he had mange and needed a place to stretch his legs, but despite his rough start he had a great disposition. He has been successfully rehomed to a wonderful family and is enjoying his new life.
pekin ducks Last but not least are two Pekins that are probably abandoned Easter ducks. They came from separate locations, but have fit into the flock nicely and will be permanent residents. We have named one Rosie but are looking for a name for the newest one, any suggestions are appreciated.

Congratulations Butternut!

We started this post with a birthday and we’ll end with a birth. Our hen Butternut had a nest hidden in the goat enclosure. She has hatched nine healthy chicks and has been moved to the brooding coop. Way to go Butternut!

Turken hen and chicks

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