Welcome Pablito

We would like to introduce you to Pablito. He is a blind, 8-week-old dwarf goat and he has a beautiful personality. He was born blind and the farmer would not keep him so a wonderful family that worked for the farmer adopted Pablito to make sure he received the care he needed. Due to an illness, they could not care for him anymore and contacted us to see if we would adopt him. Of course, we said yes. We are working with our livestock vet to give him a full examination and have him neutered. We think he will have a bright future on our farm.

Blind Goat

His pen is inside the goat enclosure so he can get familiar with his new herd.

Feeding the baby goat

Pablito has been here a week now and is doing fantastic.

We would like to encourage people to stop by and visit Pablito. He loves the extra attention and interacting with visitors is great exercise for the little guy 🙂

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